Dear St.C Singer Parents,
                                            Congratulations! Your child is a St. C. Singer! Welcome to the world of show choir! Thank you to your children for their interest in auditioning to join the St. Clairsville High School’s award winning show choir. Your child will join an elite and highly acclaimed team of singers, dancers, instrumentalists and show production technical crew members during the upcoming season. Over the years the group has established a well respected reputation as a championship level competitor in the show choir arenas throughout Ohio, West Virginia and beyond. We plan to continue this tradition during the upcoming year, and with 100% commitment and support from our members and their parents, our chances of success are very promising.

Dear parents of the 2024 St. C Singers,

We are hopeful for and looking forward to an exciting year and we are blessed to have such talented kids to work with. We are very excited for this year’s show. We want to take the opportunity to outline what St. C Singers entails.

St. C Singers are not just our students, YOU, the parents, are part of this group too! Parents play a vital role in the success of our show choir and maintaining the tradition of excellence paved by those involved in previous years. Despite being a small group, in comparison to show choirs from other schools, our St. C Singers have worked hard for decades to establish a reputation as a premier show choir! We intend to continue this tradition.

The St. C Vocal Music Boosters is the foundation of the St. C Vocal Music Program. It consists of you, the parents of the St. C Singers. Without you and your unwavering support and hundreds of hours donated, our program cannot exist. For this reason, it is imperative for at least one parent/guardian to be at every parent meeting.

We hold regular monthly parent meetings, usually the first Monday of every month, at 7 pm in the HS/MS Media Center. Please refer to the band app calendar for any changes in meeting dates.

St.C. Vocal Music Boosters
President: Donnie Yeager
Vice President: Katie Everson
Secretary: Kristy Watson
Treasurer: Michael Schnelle
Trip Treasurer: Karalea Payne