Dear St.C Singer Parents,
                                            Congratulations! Your child is a St. C. Singer! Welcome to the world of show choir! Thank you to your children for their interest in auditioning to join the St. Clairsville High School’s award winning show choir. Your child will join an elite and highly acclaimed team of singers, dancers, instrumentalists and show production technical crew members during the upcoming season. Over the years the group has established a well respected reputation as a championship level competitor in the show choir arenas throughout Ohio, West Virginia and beyond. We plan to continue this tradition during the upcoming year, and with 100% commitment and support from our members and their parents, our chances of success are very promising.

Join us at our St. C. Singers Meet & Greet Picnic in August. You will receive valuable info about the upcoming year. Follow us on facebook at The St. C. Singers to keep up to date on all events. Rehearsals for the upcoming year usually don’t start until October, and competitions won’t begin until January, but we have several fundraising events that take place throughout the year. Without fundraisers and minimal fees, the St. C. Singers season would not be possible. Likewise, without participation of our student members and their parents, successful fundraisers would not be possible. On average, expenses for a St. C. Singers season (for costumes, alterations, choreographers fees, show fees, bus transportation, music licensing and arrangement, sets, equipment, props and fundraiser start up costs, etc.) exceed $50,000.
              Fees for the 2019-2020 season will remain: Singer /Dancer $300, Band and Tech Crew $200.

A fee payment schedule has been established for students who pass auditions and become members. The first payment is due immediately after passing the audition by the first week of June. Subsequent payments are due at the first week of the month until your fees are pain in full. You are welcome to pay your balance in full. Payments can be mailed to:
St.C. Vocal Music Boosters PO Box 624 St. Clairsville, OH 43950. *Please put your child’s name in the memo line.
Payment schedule: (1) $50 due first week of June, (2) $50 due first week of July, (3) $50 due the first week of August, (4) $50 due the first week of September, (5) $50 due the first week of October, (6) $50 due the first week of November. (If your child is in Band or Tech Crew your payments will end in September.) Anyone who has serious concerns about affordability of fee payments and other costs is asked to contact us or Mr. Berk, and these concerns will be discussed discretely. *No student who wishes to be a part of the St. C. Singers will be excluded because of a financial hardship.

Parents, we also need your help with our fundraisers throughout the year! Click the Fundraisers tab under Events for a complete list and details. Programs are a great fundraiser and we ask that each student sell 2 pages of ads. We will need help at the Pancake Breakfast in October and the Royal Snowflake Ball in January. All fun events to be a part of.

At our Fall & Winter Spaghetti Dinners we need your help providing baked goods for our bake sale, help staffing the kitchen, cooking spaghetti, set up and clean up. Please click on forms and fill in which area you can help and submit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Most importantly the DIII Show Choir Invitational in February. We need Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, students, former students, whoever can help as this is a huge undertaking and our biggest fundraiser of the year. Sign-up sheets are available for online sign up or to print and mail back to us at St. C. Vocal Music Boosters PO Box 624 St. Clairsville, OH 43950.

We can’t do it without you!

St.C. Vocal Music Boosters
President: Rodney Gannoe
Vice President: Heidi Gorza
Secretary: Jennifer McMillen
Treasurer: Dana Gallagher
Trip Treasurer: Brenda Kyer