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Competition Rules:
Absolutely NO FOOD, DRINK, PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOGRAPHY will be allowed in the theaters. This will be strictly enforced.This rule applies to ALL audience members, including parents, friends and spectators. Groups will be penalized for infractions of this rule at the discretion of the judges.

Choirs will be allotted a total of 25 minutes in the performance area. This time includes setup, performance, and tear-down. The timing clock runs continuously except for a brief pause once set-up is complete and prior to beginning of the performance. This pause is used to announce the group. Timing starts when the first person steps foot inside the performance area for set-up. The clock will be paused when the director informs the stage manager that set-up is complete and the group is ready to be announced. At that time, there should be no singer/dancers or movement within the performance area. If movement and activity continue within the performance area after the group’s director has indicated set up is complete, the clock will continue to run until the movement and activity cease.

Choirs are free to present any type of performance they wish. Music is not provided to the judges. There is no minimum or maximum number of songs a group must perform; however, the music performance must be a minimum of 12 minutes in length. During the competition, points will be deducted from a group’s total score for every minute or fraction thereof the performance in under 12 minutes. Show Choirs will be allowed a maximum of 25 minutes to set up, perform and tear down.

There must be an adult chaperone in the homeroom at all times. All homerooms are to be left in the same condition as they are found at check in time. Room damage or destruction done to any facilities or equipment by any student or adult representative of the school will result in the school being assessed for damages. Each director will need to inspect the homeroom with a representative upon check out. No food or beverages, unless approved, are allowed in the homerooms. Any student or adult that brings illegal drugs onto school property results in immediate disqualification for your choir and the police will be notified.

Any group showing any unsportsmanlike conduct to another performing choir will be disqualified from being ranked. Please conduct yourselves respectfully and professionally.                                    

Thank You!