The St. C Singer’s Show Choir is an extracurricular vocal music group founded in 1980. This year‘s group is made up of 42 singers & dancers, 4 instrumentalists, and 2 stage crew members. The students in this group put hundreds of hours of dedication and hard work into getting ready to compete against schools from other states. The pride of Belmont County, the St. C Singers have competed in Ohio, West Virginia and at various music festivals in New York, Nashville, Walt Disney World and the Bahamas. The St. C Singers have won awards for best vocals, best choreography, best band, best cosutmes, best tech crew and best soloist. The group has won numerous first place titles in its division, has competed as finalist against show choirs from much larger schools and have celebrated the title of grand champion multiple times including the 2018 show "The Grand Illusion", 2x Grand Champs for the 2019 show "Shadows into the Light", and the 2020 show "Dead Men Tell No Tales".

Director: Wayne Berk
Assistant Director: Kristen Rateno

“We Too Shall Rise”

This year's show is a celebration of what the human spirit is capable of achieving.  In a year that has seen a worldwide pandemic cause sickness, isolation, and economic hardships, the human spirit is revealed.  We will get through this challence, we will lift each other up, and we will encourage our neighbor.  We choose to conquer!  We choose to believe in each other!  We choose to love!

We Too Shall Rise!



St.C. Vocal Music Boosters:
President: Deedra Balgo

Vice President: Jennifer McMillen

Secretary: Heidi Gorza

Treasurer: Nichole Ponzani

Trip Treasurer: Brenda Kyer