The St. C Singers Show Choir is a group that was started in 1980.  This group is an auditioned group of singer/dancers that perform around the community and compete in Ohio and West Virginia.  Last year’s group was a three-time Division Champion.  In a competition season that was very difficult to navigate due to COVID restrictions.  We are looking forward to a normal year of competition with finals, costumes, and bigger sets and show concepts.  St. C Singers does not just create music; it gives young people a chance to be a part of something spectacular!

Director - Wayne Berk                                                                Assistant Director - Kristen Rateno

This year’s show singles out one of the great super heroes of all time, Spider-Man. The super hero of an ordinary, quiet, nerdy, kid who gets bit by a radioactive spider and gains power to help save the less fortunate from the evil villains of the world. Our show takes you on a musical journey of Spider-Man’s quest to defeat the Green Goblin. He saves the day from an exploding grenade and stops an out of control train from going off the track. Every little boy dreams of being Spider-Man and swinging from building to building, scaling walls, and shooting webs that immobilize the bad people of the world. Enjoy our show as we celebrate everything Spider-Man!



St.C. Vocal Music Boosters:
President: Deedra Balgo

Vice President: Jennifer McMillen

Secretary: Heidi Gorza

Treasurer: Nichole Ponzani

Trip Treasurer: Brenda Kyer